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Including, deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation, lymphatic massage. Kim specializes in neck & shoulder

work & injury recovery massage. You may also add Reiki or cupping to your treatment.

All essential oils come in a col-bolt blue roll on or spray bottles. Kim's blends are therapeutic oils for headaches, sleep. meditation, chakra balance & grounding. Also, essential oil kits are available.

New! Whipped Body Butter made with mango butter, rich in amino acids, blended with lavender, peppermint or grapefruit. Truly helpful for aging, chapped or dry skin!  Perfect gift ideas!

See my Essential Oils page! 

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Cupping is a 3000 year old practice, used to treat pain, ease deep scar tissue, reduces swelling & draws

toxins to the surface to help remove them, & decreases knots in the fascia. Cupping also oxygenates

the body which is helpful to athletes or people with injuries. Chinese medicine say it helps the flow

of Qi (your vital Force) and also improves lung health.

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A powerful Young Living Technique combines the science of aromatherapy with a vita-flex reflexology & massage technique to the spine. Inspired by the Lakota Native Americans. Nine essential oils are applied like raindrops to the spine. Benefits are; balances,reduces stress, increases immune system, detoxing, eases muscle discomfort & more!  

Enjoy private yoga training, Kim teaches new students strategies and modifications to help build confidence in a larger yoga class, while learning the  poses.
Experienced students can also enjoy private class tailored to there experience.
A double benefit when tailoring a class to specific injuries to those clients who are also massage client!  Reiki, Sound Healing, and  meditation are always part of my yoga practice. Namaste ~ 

An ancient healing modality for thousands of years originally used as a purification to open the spiritual centers. Coning is a gentle & relaxing treatment, cleanses the ear through osmosis by a smoke vacuum, removing debris, blockages, relieves pressure, chronic ear problems,headaches,sore throats,& vertigo.  Kim uses hand made ear cones by a local company Sacred Smoke. 10 unique herbal varieties.

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Rei refers to a higher or divine intelligence that permeates all living and non living entities.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that was discovered by a Buddhist monk Usui who learned to channel

"universal life force energy" that flows through every living being known as Ki.  The combination of these

two words is what defines Reiki as a spiritually guided life-force energy.

Kim is a Reiki Master and offers Reiki healing with sound healing bowls or massage.

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