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PINK FLORAL hb_edited.jpg
PLAYFUL Hb_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

"Favorite Garden Visitors" Hummingbird project
An image of my art on Attleboro electrical box. This was a fun project for the city, sponsored by Attleboro museum. You can find my art on the Dumas Riverwalk on wall street, click on bar code to learn more about "Outside the Box."

river walk image_edited_edited.jpg
Blue glow Buddha.HEIC
Square jaw buddha_edited.jpg
Buddha face.jpg
HB with green stone_edited.jpg
chubbie HB and flowers_edited.jpg
pink flowers and humming bird_edited_edi
couger .jpg
trees talk.jpg
stallion in wind.jpg
Attleboro Mushroom hunt.jpg
Mushrooms of Attleboro.jpg
horse nose_edited.jpg

Mushroom study on trails in

Mushrooms in Attleboro trails!

Welcome to Kim's art page!  Kim has been involved in art through out her life and still loves to produce work in her time away from her day job, as a massage therapist and healer!

Kim has a degree in visual art, and takes great pleasure in creating water colors, charcoal drawings, or pieces of jewelry. Here are  few samples of her art. You may order Kim's art 0r jewelry by contacting her privately

turquiose necklace.jpg
wrap crystals.jpg
jewlrey by kim.jpg
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